Alex Smith Should Remain Chiefs’ Starting QB


It does not take a genius to figure out that the quarterback is the most important player on a football team. That is why great players in this position are always in very high demand by NFL teams. Alex Smith has been the QB for the Kansas City Chiefs for the past several years. He has done some very good things while he has been there. However, he is 33 now. This is young compared to Tom Brady who is 40. The fact remains that 33 is still an age where teams will often look for a younger option at the QB position. The only time this does not happen is if the QB is putting up staggering numbers. Smith has played well. However, his numbers would not put him in the elite class of QBs in the league.

The Chiefs were clearly looking to the future when they decided to draft QB Patrick Mahomes. The job is still Smith’s at this point. However, head coach Andy Reid could decide to go in a different direction is Smith starts to struggle. Smith is represented by Tom Condon. He is one of the most respected agents in the entire NFL. Condon was asked recently about Smith’s future by some members of the Kansas City media. Condon is not worried at all about Smith’s job prospects if the Chiefs eventually decide to part ways with him. He believes that Smith is super tough and will be able to adapt to any offensive system that he is placed in. Condon also added that there will be no shortage of teams looking to sign Smith if he does eventually become available.

Andy Reid has said that the Chiefs are in a very enviable position. He said that many teams do not have a single competent or effective person to rely on at the QB position. The Chiefs have two. However, it remains to be seen if Mahomes will have what it takes to compete at the NFL level. Reid and the Chiefs management like what they have seen from the kid who they parted with a future first-round pick to be able to obtain. However, it would be unwise to throw an untested rookie into the fire without giving him some time to get comfortable at the NFL level.

Condon says that Smith is perfectly healthy and he feels confident that he will be able to lead the Chiefs to another playoff appearance. Smith is going about training camp as if no QB controversy exists. However, it will be interesting to see how much loyalty Reid will show Smith if he should begin to struggle badly. It might be hard to avoid a QB switch if the boos start raining down on Smith at Arrowhead Stadium. However, it is too early to think about that. Smith has looked good in the preseason. His reads have been accurate. Therefore, the fans and the media have not been calling for Mahomes to be given the starting QB job. Smith will have plenty of interested teams when he becomes a free agent.

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