Medicinal Marijuana Take The Pain Away


Despite the ongoing political debates about the legality of marijuana and it’s supposed position as a gateway drug, those with medical issues that can be eased with marijuana use have been happily smoking, drinking, and chewing their medicine. The regular use of medical marijuana has supported the beginning of medical marijuana studies. There’s not many academic surveys on it right now, but recent studies reveal that users of medical marijuana view it as a medicine and not a recreational drug. Instead, it’s used to treat pain, insomnia, and depression. Marijuana fills a need and not just a desire to get high.

Further study into why medical marijuana is so easily accepted as medicinal has revealed that cannabidiol (CBD), one of the key ingredients in marijuana, does not cause psychoactive effects. This is surprising to researchers due to the psychoactive effect of marijuana. Marijuana is generally 40% CBD. Yet, the documented effects are not the result of CBD. The theory is that it is, instead, that CBD only enables the cannabinoids in the body to cause a decrease in pain and inflammation. The effect it has on pain is the reason many users are not taking it in conjunction with other medicines but as a substitute for other medicines. They have found uses for it that basically take the place of prescription medicines and even over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol.

This discovery and the general attitude toward marijuana may be better for all involved. Even OTC medication like Tylenol and Advil are shown to have adverse effects on the body while studies of marijuana have not found the same negative consequences. Perhaps marijuana is the future of all pain medication. While it’s detractors still exist in the streets and in politics, many people have approached the slow legalization with relief. When it comes to pain, marijuana works.


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