Preparing a Healthy Diet on Pretty Much Any Budget



Everybody dreams of having the Zac Efron/Jennifer Lawrence body. Who wouldn’t? However, most of us would just be happy having a decent build that doesn’t scare us when we step onto the scale. We want to feel comfortable in a uniform and happy to go to the beach. We all have different goals as to where we want to be but it all comes down to the same concept: eating right. You can’t out work a bad diet. Unfortunately most of these online fad diets that look so good, and seem too good to be true, cost an arm and a leg and an extensive grocery list to boot. Today we are going to walk you through the key concepts of building your own grocery list in order to find the body that you’ve always wanted or even used to have.


Cutting Back on the Drugs

We aren’t talking about illegal drugs, obviously. Instead, we are talking about drugs found in your food that are doing nothing but hurting you. Specifically we are talking about caffeine and sugar. Caffeine and sugar are two of the most dangerous chemicals that we are regularly putting into our bodies. From our four cups of coffee a day to the third donut we’ll have before breakfast is over, our body is slowly dying and hating us all along the way. The next time you go grocery shopping pay careful attention to avoid foods with these two chemicals in them and your body, and budget, will be better off for it.


Eat a Proper Amount

When people want to lose weight the first thing they think to do is to cut out as many meals as possible. Suddenly they are skipping breakfast or skipping lunch and they still aren’t feeling or looking better. The truth is that scientific data shows a correlation between frequent eating and weight loss. The trick, as it turns out, is all about eating right. You want to have three square, nutrient packed, meals per day that are spread apart with at least two small snacks in between each one. Make sure each snack complements your nutritional values and daily needs. Focus on healthy, raw, and organic foods for these in between meals.Snacking will also stop you from going full on gluttony for your ‘big’ meals.


Plot out Your Meals

Planning is the key to life and the key to a cheap grocery bill and lighter scale. If you wait until you are hungry to decide what you are going to eat then you are going to end up eating poorly, more often than not. The truth is that most of us are impulsive people and if we let our hunger do the planning then we’ll never think with our head. Make a calendar or fill out a notepad with each meal you plan on eating throughout the day. This way you know what ingredients you need, you know when you need to start preparing, and you know to stay away from those dangerous cheat meals.

Of course another great way is by choosing something like Nutrisystem for men, which is a meal planning service.  That’s why a lot of people are turning to them, and similar services like Blue Apron.

Grocery Shop the Smart Way

Somewhere along the way we got it into our heads that eating healthy meant eating expensive. This isn’t the case. The truth is that you can eat healthy and come home to a full pantry without breaking your bank. All you need to do is write up your meal plan and prepare accordingly. Build a list of raw, whole, organic foods that fill out your nutrient needs. Pick up enough of them to feed your for two or three weeks. Can and freeze what you can’t use right away and leave the rest out for your meal preparation. You do NOT want to grocery shop without a plan and a list. This is a recipe that will leave you buying food you shouldn’t eat and spending too much money at the same time.


Don’t Worry About Calories

Instead, focus on hitting all of your macro and micro nutrients. You want to get your protein, fiber, veggies and fruits in. You want to hit all of the servings you need. If you can do that then you are good, no matter how much healthy food you ate along the way.


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