Tourists Surround Baby Dolphin Before It Dies


Many people attend aquariums and theme parks with water attractions to view the animals. An animal that is commonly seen at these parks is the dolphin. You can also see dolphins swimming in the ocean at times if you’re in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, a baby dolphin died off the coast of a Spanish beach after a group of people passed it around to take pictures with the animal.

A group of tourists thought that it would be a fun idea to take a few pictures with the baby dolphin in the water. The baby had washed up just along the shore of Mojacar. A marine rescue group found out what the tourists did, noting that the baby would have likely been frightened by so much activity. The baby could have been saved and put back into the water to join its family if the tourists hadn’t taken pictures and passed it around. They should have also alerted officials in the area about the dolphin so that proper rescue techniques could have been put in place.

The dolphin was still at an age where it could breastfeed. Pictures online of the animal show the tourists stroking its back as the baby appears weak in the water. Rescue groups have come out in force to make statements about people being inconsiderate and possibly the most irrational species. Most people don’t feel any kind of empathy for an animal like this. They simply want to get a picture with it so that they can show their friends and get a few moments of recognition. There were possibly dozens, if not hundreds, of people on the beach with the dolphin after it washed along the shore. Someone took a picture of a child covering the baby’s blowhole. An autopsy was scheduled right after the body of the baby was recovered.


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