Who Will Take Care of Us?


Have you ever wondered what will happen to you when you become old? If so, you might have asked yourself who will look after you when you no longer have the energy to do the basic chores. However, if we are to go by the current standard, the person who will look after you look like an immigrant probably a middle aged lady. This lady will be making around $20,000 in a year and will have some basic training in nursing. At the same time, your care taker highest level of education might be a high school diploma. However, this will only be for the lucky. If you speak to people who live in rural America, they will tell you the difficulty that comes with finding someone to take care after your loved one. Recent research by Paul Osterman predicts that this field will experience shortages by 2040. He approximates that the shortages will be around 350, 000 care givers. Mr. Osterman works with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He says that one of the biggest problem facing the United States at the moment is inadequate long term care givers for the aging people. This list consists of a wide variety of workers such as certified nursing assistants, personal care attendant as well as home health aides.

The department of labor economists, on the other hand, has said that much is being done and this sector will be one of the fastest growing sectors. The department said that they expect to add a million workers in this sector by 2024. However, despite working in one of the best sectors in the US economy, most of these health care providers live in poverty. At the same time, jobs in this sector are unappealing with workers leaving them after some time. For instance, within a year, four workers out of 10 are said to leave the job. Instead, recent research revealed that they prefer to work in a fast food environment. Some experts say that the president is missing in one area when he says that he will create jobs for Americans. He thinks of air-conditioners assemblers, steelworkers and well-paid coal miners while forgetting people who take care of the aging population. Mr. Osterman has published a book called Who Will Care for Us. In this book, he feels that these jobs have the ability to change the health care system in terms of efficiency and quality.


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