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Looking for ways to enhance healthy lifestyles in the world today is a crucial aspect that people should take greater consideration. The world has been continually facing a water crisis. Many people across the globe lack access to clean water. Water is one way to go when it comes to staying hydrated. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is an important aspect when it comes to maintaining proper body cells and tissue pH in the body. As part of a comprehensive approach to the world water crisis, Waiakea Water Inc has actually established a plan to provide naturally healthy, delicious, Hawaiian volcanic water with a little impact as possible. This goal of bringing changes to the environment and people in need of clean water as well as essential water in the world has enabled Waiakea to partner with Pump Aid to help disadvantaged communities across the globe particularly in rural parts of Africa.

Access to safe and clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. It’s evident that consumers are turning their backs on bottled water which is a good gesture. The reason behind this is that plastic bottles create excess waste and pollution and time and again contain filtered city water as opposed to natural water from a source. The water from Waiakea comes from a pure, naturally alkaline source sold in an eco-conscious packaging enabling this company to have a global philosophy. Waiakea is truly unlike any other water on the planet has an exceptional water quality, high concentration of minerals, and extraordinary pH level with a remarkably smooth and silky consistency.

About Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is a Hawaiian volcanic water company founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. Ryan the CEO was born and raised in both California and Hawaii. He grew in a unique environment full of healthy lifestyles. The charitable efforts in Africa that Ryan established helped in developing the concept of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. In some instances, Ryan quoted that, “I’m extremely proud of our marketing team and the brand that we have to build.” These kinds of sentiments have motivated him all along to create and develop innovations that have enabled the company to move forward. This company is known as the first strong and sustainable as well as benevolent premium bottled water of its category. The water is sourced from a single as well as pristine source southwest of the town of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii one of the purest surroundings on Earth. Waiakea water boasts an exclusive mineral composition and pH rich in electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium and thus possessing almost the ideal amount of silica of about 30mg lending a soft and silky mouth feel to the water. The
company considers its social, environmental impact as well as its financial growth to promote ecological awareness as a way of fostering more favorable public image. Waiakea waters maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly business model that extends beyond the water itself.

The waters from Waiakea are sorted through 14,000 feet of spongy lava. This aspect enhances it with minerals along with electrolytes to build it in nature alkaline and tasty way. This U.S based company is the leading regarding sustainability all the way through its numerous eco-initiatives. With many benefits that surround this company, it’s evident that for every bottle sold, Waiakea waters make a contribution of 650 liters of uncontaminated and pure water to those less disadvantaged in the society across the globe through PumpAid.org. This is accomplished through the monetary support of the Pump Aid program that provides support and training that are needed to excavate wells, construct pumps and get them in high-quality working conditions. The main aim of these activities conducted by Waiakea is to sustainably offer healthy as well as delicious Hawaiian volcanic water while contributing clean water towards developing countries. Almost 3% of Waiakea’s revenue is donated towards local community programs and nonprofits organizations which have already transformed the living conditions of thousands of people since 2012 in a positive manner.

Sustainability and Health Benefits of Waiakea Water 

Waiakea water is a sustainable resource, renewable and sourced from an aquifer with over 1.4 billion gallon recharge rate as well bottled at a facility that uses 30% renewable energy. Apparently, this sustainable aspect of the water highlighted in the manner in which it is packaged. This company is one of the most basic premium bottled waters along with beverages in the world to be licensed as a CarbonNeutral. The manufacturing process reduces carbon emissions by more than ninety percent, unlike the traditional bottles. The packaging is made with high-grade whereby 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate which actually uses eight five percent less energy to manufacture than regular plastic bottles. There are several sustainability and health initiatives backed by the brand. Waiakea has:

• coupled sustainable practices of production with efforts to limit emissions and lower their carbon footprint whenever possible,
• promoted active lifestyles as a key aspect of their brand,
• worked with leading emissions consultants across the globe like The CarbonNeutral and Econometrica companies to help them reduce their environmental impacts from their business and products to zero,
• and successfully implemented regional reforestation projects to conserve the environment.

Along with the fact that this company is globally recognized for its innovation in sustainability, it provides naturally healthy, mineral-rich water with a wide array of benefits.

Final Thoughts

Waiakea is committed to bettering the world. The company has helped bring clean water and education to disadvantaged communities. Concerning sustainability, Waiakea has taken steps to at all points in production to lower their carbon emissions. Regarding the product itself, Waiakea water is sustainable, healthy, and delicious. Go out and get yourself a bottle.

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