A Report about the Spreading of Mosquitos Worldwide


A disease website in the United States has reported that there are new developments concerning mosquitos and how they are moving to new ecological niches. The surprising thing is the speed at which this phenomenon is happening. This research has been released by a website known as PromMED mail. The website mentioned that it has been tracking the mosquitos that are known to cause diseases since the beginning of June. This means that they have compiled dozen of reports for the last three months. In reports touching the United States, the website revealed that more US counties face threats than before. The commonest mosquito in the US is the Aedes aegypti. For starters, this is the species that is known to cause yellow fever. At the same time, it can also spread other diseases such as Chikungunya and Zika. The website reports that this mosquito can be found in counties located in Nevada and California. The website also reveals that there are new species in the South Pacific islands and Europe. Previously, these species could not survive in these areas due to harsh winters. To make sure that they can separate the truth from speculation and alarm, ProMED which stands for Program for Emerging Diseases is supervised by an institution called International Society for Infectious Diseases.

These two bodies collect the needed information from government releases, news media as well as their members. The website has kept people updated with the Public Health England fight against the Aedes albopictus. This is the Asian tiger mosquito and is a mosquito species from Italy and southern France. This has led to Britain establishing over 30 surveillance stations to keep track of the mosquito. These stations can be found in truck stops, airports and even airports. The mosquito is known to cause a very painful fever that can lead to Chikungunya. The medical website reported last month that the tiger mosquito had found its way to Britain. This was according to some information that it had gathered from the Daily Express newspaper. According to ProMED, the tiger mosquito entered Britain through the Eurotunnel. Three years ago, ProMED successfully reported that the Public Health England had carried out a campaign to discredit rumors that the Tiger Mosquito had entered the country. Two years later, officials from Public Health England acknowledged reports by the medical website that they had discovered 37 eggs of the mosquito in Kent, England which is a track stop.


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