Actress Rebel Wilson Wins Her Australian Defamation Case


Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids) has been involved in a long court battle with Bauer Media, but it seems the case is finally closed. More importantly, Wilson has emerged victorious with the Australian court awarding her damages to compensate for having been defamed by the media group’s affiliates.
Supreme Court Verdict Vindicates Rebel Wilson
The Supreme Court in Victoria, Australia rendered its verdict on Wednesday, awarding the Pitch Perfect actress $4.56 million ($3.66 million in United States currency). The money has been awarded to compensate Rebel for damages to her reputation, which have resulted from articles printed in Bauer Media’s Woman’s Day, Australian Women’s Weekly, NW, and OK magazines.
Richard Leder, the attorney represented Ms. Wilson told reporters that the award is the highest compensation granted in an Australian defamation case. Wilson’s case quadruples the previous record. Even so, Leder says the actress is less concerned with the money and more concerned with the damage that the magazines have done to her reputation.
“Rebel said that this case wasn’t about money,” Leder told reporters. “She said that it was about holding Bauer Media to account.”
The amount awarded was more than half of the $7 million that the actress sought. When asked about her plans, Rebel said she was considering several worthy causes. Among her options, she’s considering donating the money to charity, setting up a scholarship, and investing in the Australian film industry.
Bauer Media’s Magazines Called Rebel Wilson A Liar
Bauer Media attorney Georgina Schoff still asserts her claim that Wilson failed to prove the articles caused her financial harm, a stipulation in proving defamation cases. Bauer was required to provide proof that their statements about Rebel Wilson were true, but failed to do so, during the trial. They also failed to prove that the articles did not cause Rebel financial harm.
So, what did Bauer Media’s magazines say about the Bridesmaids star?
The articles claimed Rebel had lied about her age, stating she is six years younger than she really is, and also that she claimed ‘Rebel’ was the name given to her at birth. Her real birth name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds.
Additionally, the articles claimed Rebel had a hallucination about winning an Oscar, while she was ill with malaria. The magazines also claimed Ms. Wilson lied about her parents being dog trainers, being related to Walt Disney, and that she was raised in the “ghetto” area of Sydney.


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