Alabama Man Found Guilty of Murder


Kharon Davis has been in prison for the last 10 years as he awaited his trial. However, Mr. Davis was found guilty yesterday by a jury in Dothan, Alabama after they deliberated for less than three hours. They found him guilty in the shooting of a person known as Peter Dwayne Reaves. This is an important case that attracted national attention for various reasons. First, Mr. Davis had been in jail for a long period despite being presumed innocent. Various factors had played a crucial role in the delay of his case. Some of these factors include his own dissatisfaction with the lawyers who represented him, conflicts of interests as well as misplaced evidence. Mr. Davis is 33 years at the moment and was convicted by a jury of all white. This happened in a country that has a history where a white jury is known to strike blacks. While the jury selection took place on Monday and Tuesday this week, the lawyers for the defendant unsuccessfully argued about the makeup of the jury. However, the judge could not be moved by the issue. The defendant was one of the three friends who was accused of the mentioned murder. The others were Lorenzo Stacey who was acquitted while the third Kevin Bernard decided to take a plea to sell out his childhood friend. Kelvin even testified against his friend.

Local media reported that if the prosecutors did not go for the death sentence, the defendant would be serving a 99-year jail sentence. According to evidence presented to the court, the three gentlemen had been looking for marijuana a decade ago when the accident happened. However, this was a largely circumstantial case for the prosecutors. Mr. Davis is said to have fired the gun in Mr. Reaves’ home although the DNA of the defendant was not found in the victim’s house. At the same time, the defendant’s fingerprints were not detected on the stolen handgun that had been used. Moreover, there was no witness who could say that they saw the defendant shoot Mr. Reaves. Things have even been made complicated by the delays that have eroded the memories of those involved. Also, some witnesses have disappeared as some have died since them. Key witnesses in this case even changed their stories. Larry Thomson who was testifying for the prosecutors stopped to testify saying that he was fearful that something bad would happen to him after the case.


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