For Kendall Jenner, Blake Griffin Is Just A Diversion


Kendall Jenner’s massive public following has been buzzing about a possible new romance between the celebrity and Los Angeles Clippers basketball player, Blake Griffin. While the pair have been seen together a number of times, it turns out the romance isn’t as serious as everyone has been assuming.
Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin are Just Having Fun
The buzz surrounding Kendall and Blake has also stirred media interest, which has resulted in sources close to Jenner coming forward. While the sources indicate that there is a romance, they all seem to agree that it’s not serious. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians celebrity does enjoy spending time with the Los Angeles Clippers star, but sources add that it’s a very casual arrangement.
“She’s seeing Blake romantically,” a source said. “It’s nothing serious. She has been in L.A. a lot lately, and is having fun.”
While Jenner is having fun in Los Angeles, the source added that it will soon be time for her to get back to work. Kendall has much planned for the coming months and, even though she’s currently taking a brief break, she’ll soon dive right back into her career. When that happens, her romance with Blake Griffin may be put on the back burner.
Griffin and Jenner Make a Cozy Couple
The most recent outing for Kendall and Blake was a double date. The couple joined Jenner’s modeling colleague and best friend Hailey Baldwin, who is dating Memphis Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons at Nobu. Wednesday evening was spent with a large group of friends and witnesses reported that the group seemed to be having a great time.
Friday brought the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star together with Griffin again, as the couple went for dinner at Soho House in Malibu. Other patrons of the restaurant reported that the pair looked happy and intimate, though Kendall and Blake didn’t engage in any blatant displays of affection.
“They weren’t kissing, but definitely acted like they’re seeing each other. They flirted and seemed happy together,” reported one source.
Kendall has recently been linked to rapper A$AP Rocky and sources close to the model and entrepreneur say that Jenner’s relationship with the rapper is still on. Right now, she’s playing the field and not confining herself to any one person. The insider hints that there’s still the possibility that Kendall and Griffin may yet hit it off.


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