Health Problems for US Diplomats in Cuba


Reports have emerged that the Trump administration is contemplating about closing the United States Embassy in Cuba. For starters, the Embassy was opened recently after the Obama administration decided to ease tensions between the two nations. The concern in this case is unexplained health problems that have befallen Americans working at the country. At the moment, close to 21 Americans have expressed concerns. Rex W. Tillerson who is the secretary of state said that the decision was under evaluation. The state secretary was speaking to the CBS during the Face the Nation program on Sunday. He further stated that the issue was very serious going to the extent of the harm that has befallen a number of individuals. The state secretary also said that some workers had been returned to the US for further treatment. This was done under his review. In the past, the Trump administration has referred to the decision to establish diplomatic ties with Cuba as terrible and misguided deal. However, should the decision to close the embassy go through, it will be one of the most dramatic actions taken by the Trump administration. At the same time, the decision is likely to plunge the two nations into a cold war deep freeze.

For instance, should the Trump administration close the embassy, it should be seen as a political move rather than a health concern to its employees. Some of the symptoms that were diagnosed by the American Foreign Association include brain swelling, severe headaches, loss of balance as well as permanent hearing loss and mild traumatic brain injury. US state department earlier said that it’s the responsibility of the Cuban government to protect diplomats including health wise. Suggestions that the Cuban government was responsible for the attacks are yet to emerge. However, the reaction by Raul Castro has caught the US officials off-guard as they expected the how-dare you-accuse –us –attitude. The decision by the Cuban government to allow the FBI to conduct an investigation baffles the Cuban government as much as the US government. This kind of openness is not quite usual. US officials say that the attack may have been caused by a sonic attack or probably a surveillance operation that went haywire. A rogue government such as that of Russia may be responsible in these attacks that even affected a Canadian diplomat. Cuba and Canada have always had warm relations. These recent actions only intensify the situation in Washington.


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