Jokes Aside, Ozzy Osbourne Reveals The Real Secret To His Long-Lasting Marriage


Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon have been through more than their share of marital drama and the Black Sabbath singer is the first to admit much of that has been his fault. Though he normally makes jokes about his relationship with Sharon, Ozzy spoke candidly about his marriage in a rarely somber interview. Recognizing that his wife is bothered by his cavalier attitude toward their relationship, Osbourne tones down the jokes.
Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Why His Marriage To Sharon Has Endured
Previously, when asked for the secret to the longevity of his marriage, Ozzy Osbourne has always responded with a bit of dark humor. His secret and advice to other husbands out there has always been “don’t get caught with your mistress” and it’s a lesson Osbourne has learned the hard way. Now, after time and sobriety has helped him understand how that kind of humor might not go over well with Sharon, he’s singing a different tune.
“When I said, ‘Don’t get caught by your missus,’ I’m not proud of all that sh–,” Ozzy said in a new interview. “I upset my wife and I upset my family, and I made a lot of shock and shame. I love my wife, and it made me realize what a f—ing idiot I’ve been.”
In fact, Ozzy says the real secret to a long-lasting relationship is plenty of love and forgiveness. The latter part doesn’t always come easy, as Osbourne can attest. His latest infidelity resulted in a three month split from Sharon in 2016. Every relationship requires work, admonishes Ozzy, but he feels confident that it is possible, as long as both partners are invested in making it work.
Nobody’s Perfect, Says Ozzy Osbourne
Osbourne has heard people claim to have the perfect relationship, but that’s not something he believes in. Instead, he says every relationship takes work. As for his own marriage, Ozzy says both he and Sharon have made their share of mistakes, but he adds that they learn from their errors and move forward.
Sharon isn’t the only source of Ozzy’s regrets. He also admits he hasn’t been as good of a father as he could have been, especially where his son is concerned. The Black Sabbath frontman recalls one encounter in particular in which Jack, now 31, put him in his place.
“What the f— have you ever wanted in your life?”
“A father,” Jack deadpanned back.
Ozzy knows there’s much he can’t get back, including lost years of taking his family for granted. Now, he hopes to do what he can to make amends for that and move forward, embracing sobriety and the love of his family.


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