Katherine M. Bonniwell dies at the Age of 70


Despite passing away on 31st August, news about the death of Katherine M. Bonniwell emerged yesterday. She died at the age of 70 in her Manhattan home. She will be remembered for her publishing role with the Life Magazine. According to William Leibovitz who is her husband, Ms. Bonniwell succumbed to lung cancer. During the climax of her career, she held a top position with Time Inc. which was a sister company of the Life’s Magazine. She is regarded as an early ceiling breaker as well as a very talented hardworking lady. She was eulogized by Chris Meigher who served as the chief executive officer of the organization during her prime years. Chris Meigher described her as a woman who would toe to toe with anyone on this planet. At the same time, she referred to her as a stalwart and as a strong lady. Life Magazine was a photo essay that used to be published weekly up to 1978. It later adopted a monthly issue from 1978 until it stopped being produced in the early 2000s. At the moment, the magazine exists as a collection of over 20 million images and photos that can be viewed on the website by the Times.

Ms. Bonniwell appeared in the magazine at a period that saw a rise in the number of people buying the magazine. This was back between 1988 and 1991. However, this was also a tricky era that experienced a shift in customer taste as well as low advertising returns. She is credited with helping the magazine increase its circulation by 0.2 million. Before she began appearing in the magazine, it used to have a circulation of 1.2 million. By the time she left, it had a circulation of 1.4 million, and this led to the magazine to win an award known as the National Magazine Awards. If there is one thing that Ms. Bonniwell was known for is innovation especially concerning complicated situations. In fact, she is remembered as the second publisher who was a woman for the Life. The first woman publisher for the Life was Lisa Valk who happened to be her immediate predecessor. Beyond this position, Mr. Bonniwell is also credited with serving as a worldwide director of the larger Time Inc. For instance, Ms. Bonniwell is credited with establishing a new content strategy for the Life Magazine at a time when it was struggling. Ms. Bonniwell was born Katherine Marbury Bonniwell on 29th May 1947 in Manhattan.


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