Liam Neeson Announces His Retirement From Action Movies


While Liam Neeson has a long, distinguished list of credits to his name, exploring every kind of film from horror to historical dramas, his recent projects have centered around action films. That’s about to come to an end, however. The actor, who is the driving force behind Taken and its sequels, announced he would be retiring from the high action films, leaving the genre to younger, more virulent actors.
Liam Neeson Shares The Reason He’s Leaving The Action Genre
In sharing the news that he would be stepping down from acting in action films, Liam Neeson said his motivation for doing so is his age. The 65-year-old actor feels that an action hero of his age is becoming a little too unbelievable and wants to stop, before audiences come to the same conclusion. Fans may not agree with that assessment, since 2008’s Taken spawned two sequels, was a box office success, and launched the star’s career on a new action film tangent.
“Guys, I’m sixty-f—ing-five. Audiences are eventually going to go: ‘Come on,’” Liam said to fans at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.
In Taken, Neeson plays a retired C.I.A. operative called back into action, when he must rescue his daughter from sex traffickers. In the film, there’s a scene in which Neeson’s character threatens his daughter’s abductors. That scene has lived on for more than eight years, becoming internet memes and quoted in every imaginable social media statement.
Liam Neeson Is Still A Hot Ticket
The actor says his rise as an action hero was never intended and just happened to be the surprising result of Taken’s success. While he feels that it was a good run and should be ended now on a high note, many Hollywood action film producers disagree. Mr. Neeson says Hollywood executives are “still throwing serious money at me to do that stuff,” referring to the high voltage action films.
While Liam seems determined to hang it up, he’s still got a few good fights left in him. Fans eager for more can catch Neeson in the upcoming Hard Powder, which is similar in story to Taken. In Hard Powder, the actor plays a snowplow driver intent on avenging his son’s death by killing the drug dealers responsible for the murder.
While Liam Neeson is leaving action movies to younger stars, he’s not retiring from acting altogether. One of his next projects is the suspenseful historical drama, Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House. Taking on the title role, Neeson will star alongside Diane Lane, Michael C. Hall, Josh Lucas, Tom Sizemore, Ike Barinholt, and Brian d’Arcy James. Mark Felt opens in theaters on September 29.


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