Solving the Obesity Epidemic: Weight Loss That Works


Obesity has always been a problem in America, and so is the matter of weight loss. Every day researchers and dieticians come up with better ways to help those who seek to shed off the extra weight. An example of such a study is one that was published in a particular journal on why some people could easily lose weight in a matter of weeks while some other people would find it to be a problem. According to this case, those who were able to lose it quickly were more likely to gain it back faster within a short period of time when compared to other people who dropped a couple of pounds over a couple of weeks.As part of the study, they picked out 183 people who had issues with their weight. Part of the program included;

• Meal and behavioral analysis. When it came to the meals, they looked into the number of carbohydrates and quantity of calories in the foods they served.
• The participants were also advised to report food related issues like particular cravings and how their diet was faring on.
• They also took part in meetings where they would be weighed at the beginning of the program and after two years.

According to it, those people whose weight fluctuated over time (initial 6 to 8 weeks)found it close to impossible to maintain this same weight for up to 2 years.

Why it fails some times

People lose weight differently, and it is because of this margin that some can shed it faster than others. An expert in the field Dr. Nina Crowley asserts that this popular ideology of just losing a huge amount of weight which people wish for is not always one she applauds for. She points out that people who have a particular routine of eating which in most scenarios implies restricting yourself of some meals will not cut it and in the end run it is interesting to note that eventually, the body will give in. Henceforth resulting to a period of over indulging in extra meals thus an expected gain of a couple of pounds.

What she is trying to say is that small changes are better of than drastic changes that are hard to be maintained when it comes to the matter of weight loss.Dr.Crowley advises people not to put their focus too much on the numbers on the scale instead put it on methods that lead to the loss. Studies like these fail in some cases because they have devalued the necessity of going through a weight loss meal plan with a certified expert who can help you discover what makes your body tick and also works out for you.

In the event that this does not work out they can also help you find other better ways to deal with it. She also tells people who are going through the process of weight loss to make the diet in a way that it will not be hard for them to maintain this same procedure to the point that it becomes a routine in their lives.


To each his own. The process of weight loss should be more of a personal journey than trying to do what others are doing. What might work for one person might not particularly work for another person.  Sometimes it’s important to choose something convenient like Nutrisystem for men, or another meal prep service that works with you.


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