Earl Melchert Rescues a Kidnapped Girl in Minnesota


Earl Melchert has become an overnight hero in western Minnesota as well as around America. He said that it was not his plan to be at home during the afternoon of 5th September. Instead, he should have been at work in western Minnesota where he works for a fertilizer company as a manager. After driving some few miles from home, he realized that he had forgotten a diesel can and decided to go back. He wanted to buy some diesel while going back home so that he would mow grass on his property. He was preparing to get back to work in Elbow Lake when he realized something was moving through his fields. Elbow Lake is located northwest of Minneapolis around 150 miles away. Looking out of the window, he first thought that he saw a dear about one kilometer away. He was speaking during an interview last week. At the moment, Mr. Melchert is 65 years old. However, once he got near what he had seen, he realized that it was Jasmine Block, a 15-year-old kid who had disappeared 29 years ago. She had disappeared from her home in Alexandria, Minnesota, which is around 50 kilometers from where she was found by Mr. Melchert.

From the first instance, Mr. Melchert said that she recognized the girl by her face. He shouted that this was the girl who has been in the news for the last 29 days. He said that the issue had been online, on the news and everywhere people were talking about the issue. The girl had escaped from her abductors, three men who had physically and sexually abused her for the last one month. She says that she had knocked some few doors in the area and didn’t get any response. She decided to swim across the lake that brought her to Mr. Melchert’s property. Details about how she had been abducted emerged soon. She said that she was at home when she was convinced by a family friend to help him attend to a family matter. The family friend was Thomas Barker who has since been arrested with his accomplices. She said that when she followed Mr. Baker, he tied him with zip ties and moved her to an abandoned house. She was moved three times before she managed to escape. The two accomplices were Steven Powers who is 20 years and Joshua Holby who is 31 years.


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