Mary Cochran Dies at the Age of 54


Mary Cochran has died at the age of 54. She will be remembered as the versatile dancer who worked for the Paul Taylor’s firm. She was involved with the company for 12 years before switching jobs to act as Barnard College dance department chairwoman. While the company speculates that she succumbed to a heart attack, the exact time of her death could not be revealed. Paul Taylor Dance Company announced the death through their spokeswoman. She was involved with the company from 1984 to 1996 where she contributed generously to the growth of the company. Some of her earliest works with the company is the Roses. In a 1995 article written by a dance magazine, Mary Cochran is said to have brought charm and verve to the company through the various roles that she occupied with Paul Taylor Company. Raegan Wood described Ms. Cochran following the announcement about her death. The two once worked in the Paul Taylor as dancers. She said that she was a passionate woman. She further said that Ms. Cochran approached life whether on stage or off stage with abandon and radiance. She also described her as a very creative lady. She is credited with lighting the stages that she performed on with her fiery energy. She always had a smile for everyone.

She then moved to Barnard where she worked from 2003 to 2013. During her time with the institution, she was involved in designing programs that saw the design of technical and theoretical courses for students. At the same time, she is credited with joining students with professionals. This way, her students were able to showcase their skills to the world. During an interview in 2009, Ms. Cochran said that she embraced a practical vision since he was a child. She mentioned that she worked with what she had. Mary Cochran was born Mary Miriam Cochran back on 13th January 1963. She was born in Dallas, Texas. While her father was a lawyer and a banker, her mother was an artist. She was trained by the famous Jerry Bywaters Cochran. In a past interview, Ms. Cochran said that she started taking dancing classes at the age of five. She further said that her childhood was full of dancing. Ms. Cochran attended North Carolina School of Arts for her high school diploma. She later relocated to New York at the age of 18. She passed on an opportunity to join Juilliard for Alwin Nikolais’s company.


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