OJ Simpson Is A Free Man


Some people might recall seeing the parole hearing on television for OJ Simpson just a few weeks ago. Now, Simpson is a free man. He’s no longer in prison, but he is on parole. However, after being locked away for several years, this is free to the former football star. Simpson exited the Nevada prison where he had spent the past nine years in the middle of the night on October 1. He was in prison because of armed robbery charges. Simpson could have spent up to 33 years in prison if he hadn’t been granted parole.

Simpson was arrested and charged with taking several sports items from a hotel room as well as a large sum of money. The items that he took were things that had his picture on them as well as images of his friends and family. Once court officials started looking at the items, they made the decision that they belonged to Simpson and gave them back to him. Simpson is known for the 1995 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. He was found not guilty of these charges. The trial involving OJ Simpson at the time was known around the world. The families of the victims were awarded $33.5 million after a civil suit was filed when Simpson was found not guilty. Most of the money has not been paid out to the families.

A Facebook video shows Simpson signing the paperwork for his release from a Nevada prison and walking out the door shortly afterward. Simpson wants to move to Florida at some point so that he can be near his family. However, he must get permission from the parole board before he can move to the state. A victim of the armed robbery made statements to the parole board about Simpson learning his lesson and the incident being a mistake that was made.


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