Rising Anxiety in American Teenager


A young man from North Carolina known as Jake says that the disintegration of his life took him by surprise. He says that this is something that caught up with him during his high school junior year. He says that he had a lot back then. He was travelling for the school to attend Model United Nations conferences, running on the school’s cross country team and having several Advancement Placement classes. As a young boy, he had the attributes that every parent was looking for in a child. He was very hard working and importantly, likable. He was the oldest in his family and had a way of handling things. Not only did he manage to succeed in everything, the young man never boasted about anything in his life. However, if you talked to Jake on a personal basis, he would tell you that his greatest fear in life is failure. In his own private ways, he had this obsession that he could not match up with his friends. He always asked himself whether he would succeed in life. He said that deep inside him, there was the relentless desire to avoid failure. While many people may call it using many names, Jake knew that it was his strength.

While he got to middle school, his parents decided to send him to a therapist. Then one day, the unexpected happened. Jake run into the brick walls of his room at 150 miles per hour. He kept on screaming that he couldn’t take it anymore. All along, the young man was right that his parents didn’t understand. Neither Jake understood what was happening. All he knew is that he didn’t want to go school as he feared that people would judge him. Jake says that he felt that he didn’t feel enough. He remembers that he felt afraid this entire time. After a series of tests, the young man was diagnosed with anxiety. Jake is not the only American teenager who has been diagnosed with the condition. In fact, statistics show that anxiety has risen over depression in the last one decade among American teenagers. The situation is even worse for college students in America. Data collected from the American College Health Association showed that the condition had increased from 50 percent in 2011 to 62 percent last year. This is research that has also been carried out by Higher Education Research Institute. This coupled with admissions in American hospitals for teenagers attempting suicide is an indication that the level of anxiety in American society is on the rise.


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