The End of a Career for Jeff Flake


Those familiar with national politics will tell you that before Bob Corker, there was another Republican Senator known as Jeff Flake. Jeff Flake emerged as an even-tempered Senator from Arizona who never spared President Trump any criticism. For months, the Arizona Senator criticized the demeanor of the president as well as his inability to tell the truth. This is the same message that was brought across by Tennessee Republican Senator Bob. Corker. In one of his remarks, the Tennessee lawmaker said that the reckless behavior by President Trump could even cause a Third World War. The only difference between the Arizona Senator and the Tennessee Republican Senator is that Mr. Corker forcefully echoed his message. However, as for the Tennessee lawmaker, he will be done with politics next year. This is quite the opposite for Jeff Flake who is up for re-election next year. Also, Jeff Flake is the most vulnerable Senate Republican who is up for re-election in the upcoming mid-terms. He has low approval ratings among Arizonans. For instance, a recent poll concluded that the senator had an approval rating of 18 percent. Since January, President Trump has referred Mr. Flake using the words” toxic” and “a flake”. At the same time, the president has requested a primary challenge against Mr. Flake. These are actions that have left the Senator vulnerable from all sides, either right or left.

Some political experts say that this should act as a warning shot to those who have such an idea in their mind. Republicans should know that if they voice against the fitness of the president, it could mean the end of their careers. The message is quite simple. As for Mr. Flake, he says that he has no regrets about the way things have turned out. This is a man who is known for his decency. The senator has always disagreed with the president on a number of issues. For instance, he opposed the theory that was spread around that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya. At the same time, he disagreed with Mr. Trump when he referred to all Mexican immigrants as rapists. He has also opposed the president on his ban preventing Muslims from entering the United States. Jeff Flake asked his interviewer recently whether he was expected to keep quiet. He has often said that the Republican Party should do better. He confirmed that he knew he could be jeopardizing his career by standing up against the president.


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