Trump Travel Ban Suffers a Setback



The travel ban issued by the Trump administration that prevented citizens from six nations from accessing the United States has hit a legal snag. A federal judge in Hawaii ruled that the ban be lifted nationwide. This is the third ban to be implemented by the Trump administration. At the same time, the ruling comes a day before the ban takes effect. For the citizens of the countries involved, this means that they will be able to access the United States. The ban still remains as the most controversial decision by President Trump since he was appointed as president of the United States. While the ban has targeted Muslims pre-dominantly, the ban is one of the most legally troubled policies by the administration. Federal courts in the past have found out that the bans were unconstitutional. Other courts have found out that the president may have exceeded his authority is issuing the executive orders. However, the court of appeal has always upheld the decisions. While the Supreme Court was supposed to review the second ban, the administration caught them unaware by issuing a third ban. At the same time, it has become apparent that the Supreme Court will take a swing at the current version before it’s little too late.

The president said that he felt obliged to fulfil his campaign promises of protecting the United States from criminals and terrorists. This is why he issued a travel ban affecting six Muslim nations. This has thrown American airports into confusion and crisis. However, the first ban was blocked by a Seattle Federal judge. The president later issued another order three months later, and this was also opposed by a Hawaii Judge. This is the same judge who decided to oppose the third order yesterday. The federal judge is non-other than Derrick K. Watson who works at the Federal District Court of Honolulu. While making his ruling, he said that the current ban is similar to the previous one. He wrote that the current ban discriminates people plainly by their nationalities. As a result, this ban goes a long way in undermining the principles that were set by the founding fathers of the United States. At the same time, the judge said that the United States had not proved what would be at stake by allowing these people to the nation. Homeland Security officials said that they would not obey the order by the Federal Judge. They had been instructed by the administration.


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