Justin Trudeau Issues an Apology on Behalf of his Government


Late on Friday, citizens living in the Canadian provinces of Labrador and Newfoundland were proud and happy people. They had received an apology from Justin Trudeau for the atrocities that had happened to them and their ancestors. The apology is said to have been emotional and broad. These two provinces are inhabited mostly by indigenous people. According to the apology, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he was sorry on behalf of the previous governments that compelled people in these areas to send their children to boarding school. As a result, some of the children ended up being abused while others were suffered emotional torture after being separated from the only people they knew.

They were further forced to abandon their cultures. These acts are said to have happened until 1980. In total, 900 students were affected by the mandatory schooling where they were forced to attend five boarding schools. The 900 former students will share a sum of 50 million Canadian dollars after the government settled a lawsuit they had filed years earlier. The decision was reached despite a controversy that had engulfed the federal government for more than 20 years. Nine years ago, people from the rest of Canada received a heartfelt apology from Stephen Harper. Mr. Harper is the prime minister who came before Justin Trudeau. He said that the Canadian government was sorry for a residential program that had been operated by the Canadian government in these areas. The program is said to have begun in the 19th century and came to an end in 1996.

This is a system that was described as a cultural genocide by a commission that had been established to look into the issue. The commission was referred to as the National Truth and Reconciliation Commission. However, the reason why Labrador and Newfoundland didn’t receive the initial apology in 2008 is because they joined Canada in 1949. Therefore, they were in a different boarding system that had a similar legacy as the one run in Canada. As a result, the previous government argued that the evils committed in these two provinces had nothing to do with the federal government at the moment. The apology was issued at a ceremony that was held in Goose Bay-Happy Valley. During the event, some of the victims were provided with an opportunity to speak. Some said that they were happy that the Canadian government was appreciating its history.


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