Kirstjen Nielsen Questioned by the Senate Committee


Kirstjen Nielsen had a day to forget on Wednesday after she was pressured by Senate Democrats for her inexperience. She has been appointed as the leader of the Department of Homeland Security by the Trump administration, and she was going through the process of Senate confirmation. The Senate Democrats pressed her about how she would address the issue of immigration. However, the fact that she was able to reach the deferential Senate Homeland Security Committee is an indication that she will be passed for the position without much opposition. During the questioning, she appreciated that the idea to build a wall along the Mexican border was quite unrealistic.

However, she told her interviewers that he would be very tough on border security. Ms. Nielsen said that she didn’t see a wall as a necessary thing. Instead, she would advocate for technological solutions when dealing with the issue. At the same time, she would consult the relevant authorities on the issue such as border patrol. Their input would be very crucial in determining where a border was necessary. She would also be the sixth person to be in charge of the department. This is a position that has been vacant since July after it was vacated by John F. Kelly, who now serves as the chief of staff for the White House. This means that the position has been under Elaine C. Duke, the deputy. Before she was appointed to the position, she served as the deputy chief of staff. At the same time, she used to be a top aide of Mr. Kelly at Department of Homeland Security. One of the toughest questions came from Delaware Democratic Senator Thomas Carper who asked her how she would deal with her inexperience.

He reminded her that Homeland Department deals with 240,000 employees and handles critical issues such as recovery after natural disasters, immigration, counterterrorism as well as aviation security. She told the senator that she might not have been in charge of a large department, but she was sure she would perform as she was up to the task. She was also asked by Michigan Democratic Senator Gary C. Peters whether she agreed with the president’s comments earlier in the summer that both sides had been responsible for what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. While she didn’t disapprove the comments directly, she said that she didn’t support any form of violence. She said that she would work with law enforcement officers to address the issue.


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