NFL Accused of Frustrating Former NFL Players


Former NFL players’ families have gone to the court saying that the league is playing games with them over the access of close to $1 billion settlement that they were awarded sometimes back. This settlement had been awarded for the concussions that their loved ones suffered while playing national league football when they were young. The NFL is frustrating them by offering them unreasonable demands and rejecting valid claims. The two sides agreed to settle the case back in 2015, and this amount would cover players who will play for the league in the next 65 years. The bone of contention in this lawsuit was that the NFL was hiding the dangers that come with head trauma. A succession of roadblocks has been described by lawyers and families as they try to collect the payout that they were awarded by the courts. Some cases involve some few thousands of dollars while there are others that involve some few millions of dollars. Some of this money is supposed to be used to help former players currently living with their families and are currently suffering from a mental illness that is associated with their playing days. Some old players said during the testimony that they suffered these injuries from tackles and hits while playing on the fields that belonged to the NFL.

At the moment, 140 cases have already been approved meaning that the NFL should give out nearly $195 million. However, it has been discovered that the body has only given out $100 million. The body has said that it will give out the rest of the money after it exhausts its appeals. As we speak, the NFL has filed for appeals in eight awards. 12 players have also appealed against the awards they received saying that they are too low. To ensure that the decision is correct, the court appointed an administrator who is responsible for auditing the claims randomly. During the settlement, the NFL told the beneficiaries that the payouts would not be speedy. Speedy payouts were only for those that were suffering from the Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s or any other disease that required urgent medical attention. The lawyers argue that a lot of trapdoors and safeguards have been put in place since the settlement. For instance, some are forced to look for new doctors while others have been frustrated by time-consuming appeals that have been lodged by the National Football League just to frustrate the former layers.


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