Osaka to end its Sisterhood with San Francisco


Osaka announced on Sunday that it would no longer cooperate with the American city of San Francisco. The announcement was made by the mayor of the Japanese city who cited some violations that had been caused by a new statue found in downtown San Francisco. As a matter of fact, the statue is overlooking a park found in downtown San Francisco. For starters, the statue has been designed to resemble three girls from the Southeast Asian countries of Philippines, China and Korea. At the side of these women is the statue of an activist from Korea known as Kim Hak-sun. The statue was elevated in the area to remind these people of the comfort women. This is a popular term for people who love history. These are the women who gave up their lives to resist the Japanese occupation. As a result, most were detained while the rest were raped.

This happened in tens of thousands, and the event happened shortly before World War Two. As a matter of fact, there is a strained relationship between Japan and South Korea due to the events of comfort women. This comes as a challenge for the US which has South Korea and Japan as its allies in the Southeast Asia region. However, the Japanese officials have been accused by a number of activists including former comfort women of trying to act as if the atrocity never happened. On the other hand, Japanese officials have always said that the criticism acts as a reconciliation obstacle. They also argue that the criticism directed to them is one-sided. At the moment, Osaka and San Francisco share close ties as they happen to be sister sisters.

They have been this way since the end of Second World War. The current mayor of San Francisco is known as Edwin M. Lee, and he is one of the people who allowed the statue to be raised in the city. On the other hand, Hirofumi Yoshimura is the Osaka mayor. He said that before the end of the year, they would have ended their sisterhood with the American city. He also said that the trust that the two cities had shared was no longer in place. This is a statement that was further echoed by Japanese chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga. He called the action “very regrettable.” A research carried out by the United Nations found out that the comfort women thing began in 1932. Close to 200,000 women were involved.


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