Safety Check by Facebook


When the terrorist attack was first reported early Tuesday evening, the news dominated around the world. At the same time, millions of Lower Manhattan Facebook users were notified about the issue by Facebook. The alert was referred to as Violent Incident in Manhattan, New York. However, it has become apparent that the effects of the alert have been felt beyond the single borough. As a matter of fact, anyone who has listed New York as an area of resident received the alert. This was regardless of whether the person was in New York that day. Facebook referred to the mission as friend in the area. This was an effort help the people who stay in New York assure their friends and relatives that they were safe. This safety check created a social obligation on all New Yorkers to get online and declare they’re unharmed and safe. As for the people who couldn’t manage the feat, the relatives and friends can start embracing for the worst. This safety check feature was introduced to the world in 2014. This came from the reasoning that after every disaster especially natural disasters, calls will be made to ensure that everything is okay. Facebook says that it introduced the feature so that people can update a status after a disaster to assure people that they are safe.

However, some people say that the recent case is quite infinitesimal. At the moment, there are eight million people in New York, and only eight people died while 11 were injured. Nonetheless, there are those who heeded to the duty to notify their friends that they are safe. One person who terms the idea as silly is 56-year-old software engineer known as Hymn Rosen. He said that there are so many people in New York. Another person who shared the same sentiments is Joel Califa who is 29. He says that he works at GitHub and that he understands why the Safety Check button was created. He was, however, irritated by the recent notification. He says that only some of his friends wanted to know whether he was okay. For instance, one of his friends received a notification being told that Mr. Califa was in the area of the attack. The notification further suggested to the friend to call him to determine whether he was alright. He lamented that Facebook was alarming his friends rather than calming them. He accused the company of diverting from its goal.


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