The Execution of an Ohio Man Delayed


A man from Ohio survived an encounter with the devil after workers of a prison failed to find his vain. The man had been set to die by the state of Ohio through lethal injection. As a result, the governor of the state John R. Kasich delayed the execution for another one and a half years. The man set to be executed has been identified as 69-year-old Alva Campbell. It has been revealed that he had health problems throughout his time at the jail. The Associated Press noted that this is the second time in years that an execution has been delayed in the state of Ohio. Overall, it’s the third time in 70 years that an inmate has survived the first attempt to be executed. Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Spokeswoman JoEllen Smith confirmed that the team trying to find a vein in the man returned negative results. She was responding to an email that had been written by the New York Times. The spokeswoman further told the times that the man would be executed on 5th June after a warrant of reprieve was issued by the state’s governor. She couldn’t confirm inquiries about the procedure that had been used in coming up with the date.

While speaking to news reporters, the head of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Gary Mohr told them that they would ensure that everything is right as they plan for the next execution. While speaking to a local channel known as the Toledo Blade, he said that they would not be in a hurry to execute the man. He confirmed that they would take their time and hoped it should be fine with everyone. A similar incident happened in the same state back in 2009 when the medical team failed to find the vein of Romell Broom. His execution was delayed two hours before it began. The man who had been accused of murdering a 14-year-old girl after raping her has remained on death row since then. The first case when an execution failed was back in 1946 when the electric chair failed to execute Willie Francis. However, the Supreme Court eventually ruled that he should be executed in 1947. A local reporter who was scheduled to witness the execution told the Associated Press that the execution was called off 80 minutes before it began. The state said that members of the execution team could not find a vein for over 30 minutes.


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