The Woman who made a Gesture to the President’s Motorcade Fired


Late last month, a picture of a woman raising her middle finger at a passing motorcade made its way to the internet. She raised a finger as a show of discontent to President Trump who was in the motorcade. She said on Monday that she had been forced to resign from her job because of the gesture. The woman has been identified as 50-year-old Juli Briskman. Late last month on 28th October at around 3 pm, she was riding her bicycle on Lowes Island Boulevard. After a half-dozen of vehicles had passed her, she realized that she was sharing a lane with the president. The president was leaving the Trump National Golf Course that is located in Sterling, Virginia. It’s during this mad moment that she thought of staying on the sideline and let the motorcade pass. Instead, she took an aggressive step by making the spontaneous gesture which the cameras captured. The mad moment was then shared across the media fraternity. She was speaking in an interview yesterday. She said that when she was passed by the motorcade, she felt as if her blood was boiling. She was further agitated when she saw someone holding a newspaper in the motorcade.

During the interview, she said that she had been agitated by the president in a number of ways. For instance, she says that she is not happy about the deportations by the administration. She is not also happy about the health insurance policy of the current administration. She says that while she was reading a newspaper earlier in the day, she discovered that the president was in the area playing golf. When she realized that the motorcade was passing, she decided to lift her arm up and make the president know that there is a lot that’s not working while he is busy playing golf. She said that she didn’t see the president, but the gesture was for him. This is an image that was even posted on Twitter by the White House bureau chief for Voice of America Steve Herman. The clear image had been taken by an Agence France-Presse photographer. The picture was soon embraced by the people who disagree with the president on a number of issues. She discovered the next day that she had been captured when the picture was circulated on the internet with many people asking about her identity. She says that she identified herself in the comments section. She has no regrets.


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