A Dozen Children In A Hotel Room


When people go to court, they usually aren’t heard of around the world. Angel Brown doesn’t fall into this category. She doesn’t even know why there are so many people who know about her. A reporter from News Channel 8 in Tampa received a call about a mother who was living in a motel with several children. This happened in 2010. A reporter decided to talk to the woman to find out about her story and how she ended up in a hotel with her kids. There was also a photographer there.

When the reporter started to talk to Angel, Angel immediately tried to defend her situation and place blame on other people. She wanted someone else to pay for the situation that she was in because she didn’t have the money. The video of the mother and her children is now on YouTube. Over a million people have viewed the video. There are news reporters like Sean Hannity who have used Angel’s face as the one associated with the problems that are wrong in the country. They also want to use her face as one to show that the welfare system needs to be looked at and fixed.

Some people who have watched the video have a significant amount of dislike for Angel. She doesn’t care about the opinions of other people. She only cares about her children and finding a way to get her situation out to the world. When the news reporter talked to Angel, she had 15 children. Angel had 12 children in the hotel room, a situation that prompted a visit from the local social services department. The department worked with Angel to help her find another home for her and her children. She has been receiving help with paying her rent from the Tampa Housing Authority, but they have not paid their portion because the landlord won’t fix the maintenance issues in the home. This has resulted in Angel being in court because her landlord wants to evict her and her children. Money received was used by Angel to get her family to a safe location during Hurricane Irma. She has until January 15 to find a solution to her housing situation.


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