Baby Survives Being Born With Heart Outside Of Her Body


Vanellope Hope Wilkins is a miracle baby. She was born with her heart outside of her body. Sterile plastic was put on her chest in order to protect her heart. Dean Wilkins and Naomi Findlay knew that she would be born with complications. They did not expect her to survive.

Vanellope was born at Glenfield Hospital, which is located in Leicester, England. She was delivered several weeks early via emergency C-section. Vanellope was diagnosed with ectopia cordis while she was still in the womb. This is a condition where the heart grows outside of the chest cavity. It can also cause the heart to not develop properly.

BBC News interviewed Vanellope’s parents. They stated that having a daughter with a serious health condition is overwhelming. Vanellope was delivered early in order to increase her chances of surviving. If she does survive, then she will be the first child in the United Kingdom with this condition to survive.

Naomi found out that she was pregnant back in June 2017. An ultrasound revealed that Vanellope’s stomach and heart were growing outside of her body. A few weeks later, Naomi received another ultrasound scan. Vanellope’s stomach was on the inside of her body, but the heart was still on the outside of the body.

Doctors told Naomi that she needed to terminate her pregnancy. However, she refused to and went to a specialist. She received genetic testing. The tests revealed that Vanellope was not at risk for developing any chromosomal disorders. That is why Dean and Naomi decided to do everything that they can to save their baby’s life.

Vanellope has already received fluids and medications. She is also on a breathing tube. She was also transported to another hospital where she received a complex surgery. Vanellope’s parents have called her a fighter. Ninety percent of the children who are born with ectopia cortis are stillborn or die right after they are born.


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