Dog Adopted Before Christmas


The Kansas City Pet Project shelter tries to find homes for the animals that they take in as soon as possible so that they don’t have to put them down. A large Mastiff was at the shelter for 445 days before someone finally adopted him. Normally, shelters don’t keep animals for this long, but the staff developed a bond with the dog and couldn’t bear to part with him until he found a forever home.

Over 10,000 animals usually go through the shelter in a year’s time. Polina spent the longest there of any animal, but a family finally decided that the dog would fit in well with them. Polina is a sweet dog. However, she is very large, and when people would come through the shelter, they would pass by her because of her size and because she has a fear of other dogs. She also has a fear of children, which made it difficult for her to be adopted by a family with kids in the home. After Polina’s story was reported in a local newspaper, several people wanted to see if she would be a good fit for them so that she could be adopted.

A family with several acres of land adopted Polina. She can now run when she wants to or go inside the home to sleep on a soft bed. The staff at the shelter met with the family and went to look at the home and land to see if it would be suitable for Polina. The staff agreed that the home would be the perfect one for the dog. She went to her new home a few days before Christmas. This was truly the Christmas miracle that the shelter and Polina needed so that she could have a home for the rest of her life.


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