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Familiar with asbestos? You probably know it as an insulator that used to be in school buildings. Asbestos is normally removed and any rooms that contain it are blocked off away from people. Asbestos is now known as a health hazard and is highly regulated by OSHA. It has been banned from buildings because of its cancer-causing capability. Breathing asbestos can cause lung damage, eventual disability and eventually death.

So you wouldn’t expect to find such a product in household items that you would put in or on your body, especially children’s products. But what would you do if you suspected there was a problem with your children’s products, especially a personal care product? Or your own makeup? Kristi Warner is a mom who says she was worried about what was in makeup she bought for her child, a makeup kit she purchased at Claire’s, a jewelry store, so she had the makeup tested. Shockingly, it tested positive for tremolite asbestos, a substance that causes mesothelioma, a fatal disease. She was horrified.

She works for The Deaton Law Firm and talked to her boss for advice. He thought it would be a good idea to purchase more of the makeup kits from Claire’s, from various stores in different states. They sent the makeup kits a lab to have the kits tested. The results were shocking. All the makeup kits tested positive for asbestos.

Claire’s has pulled the product from shelves and is doing their own investigation. Claire’s has stated that they will issue a refund to customers for the product and are conducting the investigation due to the “alleged issues” with the product.

As for Warner, she’s not sure how to respond to her child’s fears. Her daughter has asked “Will I die?” Warner doesn’t know what to say, as mesothelioma is a deadly disease.


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