Mother’s Boyfriend Beat Her Son


Most children like to open a Christmas present a day or two before Santa arrives. A man in Oklahoma is now in jail because he beat his girlfriend’s son who opened a present early. The little boy is only 5 years old. The man was watching the woman’s children so that she could get some last-minute Christmas shopping completed. When she got home, she saw something that was disturbing and that she didn’t expect because she trusted her boyfriend with her children.

The mother’s little boy had bruises on his arms and on his back. There were also welts on his face. He also had an impression of a hand on his cheek. She posted about the incident on Facebook. She ran to her son, crying because she never expected anything like this to happen and certainly didn’t think that her boyfriend would do anything like this to her son. The little boy told her that her boyfriend beat him.

When the mother asked her boyfriend why he beat her son, he explained that he was trying to teach him a lesson. The boy had taken a present from under the tree and opened it, and the man wanted the boy to learn not to take things before he was supposed to get them. Officers arrived at the home later in the evening. They arrested the man, and the little boy was taken to the hospital. The man has been charged with neglect as well as child abuse. A protective order was filed on Monday by the mother. The boyfriend is being held in jail until he goes to court, and officers are trying to talk with the district attorney to see what specific charges will be filed in the case and when he will go to court to be sentenced for his actions.


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