New Method Of Prison Contact


If you know someone who is in prison, then you have probably been to visit that person at least once or even a few times. Because more people use mobile devices and have access to video systems, jails and prisons across the country are changing to video calls instead of in-person visitations. This change is one that has the potential to hurt families who don’t have access to the internet or a device that allows them to enjoy a video call.

New programs that are being offered by prison systems and the communications companies they work with are similar to Skype. The inmate would contact the person on a video phone and talk by way of video instead of the person going to the jail for a visit. Some jails allow inmates and family members to use the video system while sitting in a small room at the facility. There are people across the country who have loved ones who are in jail or prison, such as spouses, children or parents.

The funds that an inmate has access to are used to make the video call. However, some companies are offering video privileges along with the phone rates that are paid that the person receiving the call would pay. The video option is a benefit for those who have to travel a long distance to visit someone in jail. As long as the recipient of the call has a device for watching videos and a camera, then the call can be received anywhere that there is a proper connection. The video system allows children to see their parents and other family members to talk to inmates as well instead of just one person talking on the phone. It’s also a benefit because the inmate can be seen and not just heard. However, a downfall is that the video calls are pricey where visits at the jail are free.


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