Onelogin Patents New Security Measures To Foil Everyday Privacy Threats


What happens when someone steals your employee’s laptop? The outcome can be disastrous. Two years ago, the theft of a doctor’s laptop at the University of Oklahoma compromised the personal health information of numerous patients. Officials failed to determine the amount of damage as well as specific information in the device. The university’s lack of knowledge about confidential data in that laptop until after learning of said incident further aggravated this problem.


Occurrences of Laptop Theft


These situations happen frequently. In fact, leading technology research firm Gartner said the theft of laptops takes place every 53 seconds. Companies must involve both their Human Resources and Information Technology departments because of risk to sensitive information. HR takes charge of hiring and termination as well as approval and revocation of network access. IT, on the other hand, supplies instruments for access.


The two units must collaborate carefully and take necessary measures in shutting down the laptops’ systems and secure company information. A unified endpoint management platform helps avert security breaches in the future. Onelogin guarantees a safe path towards Cloud First. The company works on the premise that today’s enterprises require a perfect system for securing employees, clients, partners, and other stakeholders. They need simple, safe, and secure access to enterprise information.


Unified Endpoint Management Ensures Protection


The integrated Unified Endpoint Management platform presents the HR department full independence to administer laptop security for employees individually. The move frees up IT to concentrate on essential strategic security procedures. At the same time, HR can take action right away in case of security violations in real-time. The endpoint solution provides Human Resources the capacity to perform the following critical tasks:


Centralize or Consolidate Protocols for Security – Onelogin states on Twitter that the cohesive endpoint management instrument allows the department to oversee identities as well as credentials of users all in a single place. Therefore, HR can implement more robust security measures and standards if and whenever necessary. Centralized authentication techniques facilitate proper reporting and specify apps, as well as permissions employees, can use. Once someone takes the gadget, HR will know immediately vulnerable information. For the meantime, officials can cancel certificates and control access to corporate papers ensuring that information does not fall to the wrong persons.

Put into Effect Multi-Factor Verification – Management needs to put a balance between access and security if many employees bring work applications out of the office. The unified endpoint system enables HR to enforce authentication across multiple programs which deny unauthorized personnel the ability to forge their identities on the stolen gadget. A pre-installed certification specific to the designated user and equipment serves as initial confirmation factor. The two documentations authenticate the status of a user without recovering passwords on a different device. It minimizes employee security fatigue and allows them access to desktop and web software through a single click.


Disable Remote Access – Company laptops can offer unscrupulous personalities trouble-free access to company documents and applications particularly on devices without security protocols. With this endpoint management platform, the HR department can invalidate a security certificate promptly. Thus, management can protect data connected to that account and prevent unscrupulous individuals from logging in using the employee’s details (username and password). Passwords do not guarantee 100% protection for company information. Security precautions may not be sufficient to secure confidential data. The HR team can protect identities of employees using appropriate policies and standards.


Why Onelogin?


Onelogin helps its clients become more cost-efficient by reducing expenses for identity management. They can save on operational and infrastructure costs by transferring identity as well as access management to the cloud. Likewise, clients can minimize costs for integration of directories and merge user-profile information into the cloud and save on hardware/software purchases. Onelogin also guides IT units to carry out identity policies across numerous users, devices, and internal applications.


Onelogin allows people to work faster and more efficiently due to the one password; one-click method; seamless access to applications; and removal of the need for prolonged integration and provisioning of projects. The company committed to create and sustain a dynamic control system that meets security and confidentiality requirements of companies globally. It conforms to stringent regulatory standards and complies with assurance, privacy, and security programs as well as management of vulnerabilities.


About the Company


The company’s founders, Thomas and Christian Pedersen, worked hard to ensure the success of one of the most popular help desk apps, Zen Desk. From this significant milestone, they embarked on the creation of another platform, a viable identity and access management technology. It turned out as a user-friendly cloud application that benefitted many businesses. They launched Onelogin in 2010 and started working closely with different Software as a Service vendors earning the trust of security-conscious corporations from various parts of the world.

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