Questions Continue After Woman Attacked By Dogs


It was a call that Sheriff Jim Agnew didn’t want to receive. He was called to investigate after receiving reports that a woman had been mauled to death by her own dogs. When he arrived on the scene, he didn’t plan to see the gore that he was faced with. There were four other officers already at the scene when Agnew arrived. The dogs were eating the ribs of the woman who had been killed a short time before.

Officers have tried to piece together how the attack happened. Family members and friends of Bethany Stephens don’t see how her dogs could have attacked her with such force and killed her. The young woman loved her dogs and did anything she could for them. Officers believe that Bethany took her two dogs for a walk in the woods one evening. For some unknown reason, the dogs attacked her. When the community found out that the dogs were being blamed for brutally killing their owner, there was a mixed reaction. No one knows if the dogs saw another animal and were displaying pack behavior or if they truly snapped and turned on their owner.

The one thing that officers know is that the attack was one that was gruesome and that likely didn’t take place for no reason at all. Veterinarians have also offered their input as to what could have happened, explaining that since the dogs were so close to their owner, they wouldn’t have attacked like they did. There was likely some kind of smell, sight or sound that triggered the dogs to attack. There could have been changes at home that triggered an attack as well. Most of the time, fear is what causes dogs to attack in this brutal nature. One possibility is that Bethany got hurt and the dogs became anxious. One of them could have bitten her. This could have caused the other dog to bite as well, which is how pack behavior occurs. Once they got the taste of blood, then they didn’t stop. Bethany’s father was the first to find her. He saw the dogs and what he thought was a dead animal that they were devouring. Many people in the community don’t believe that the dogs attacked their owner and are asking for a thorough investigation as to what happened to the young girl.


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