Seeking Help For Christmas After Mother Overdoses


Police officers are often known as trying to find people who commit crimes so that they can get them off the streets. There’s also a caring side to police officers. A mother from Middletown, Ohio recently died because of overdosing on heroin. Her nine children are now left to put the pieces of their lives back together. Police officers who responded to the emergency call and others who serve in the community want to make sure the children have a good Christmas and want them to try to feel as normal as possible.

Jimeta Sanders was only 31 years old when officers were called to her home. She was found on the kitchen floor, unresponsive after using too much heroin. The young mother was using heroin with who she thought were her friends when she overdosed. The people who were with her left her on the floor to die. The two men who were with her took the money that she had before they left the house. They told her children that they were only going to the store to get a few drinks.

Police officers are looking for the pair who they believe are a father and son. The children’s father is still in the picture, but it’s hard for him to support nine children on his own. That’s where the local police officers are stepping in as they want to give him some help to provide gifts for his kids. Donations of clothing are requested as well as blankets and food. The officers also want to try to get the kids a Christmas tree and some toys. The response from the community has been surprising so far as numerous people are already donating items to the family. Officers are accepting donations of money and checks as well to give to the family to try to help with the bills that need to be paid.


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