Sex Trafficking from Nigeria to Europe


Slavery may have been abolished many years ago, but unfortunately, it is still going on; it may not be capturing people for labor, but it is still bondage. Women in countries such as Nigeria are the ones most hit by modern day slavery. They are trafficked to European countries for sex. So far, tens of thousands of women have been taken from Nigeria for sex slavery.

For many years, Benin City has been largely associated with trafficking women to Europe. The city just has a few well up people with decent housing, and it’s easy to persuade women because of poverty and spiritualism. They agree to travel with hopes of getting greener pastures for families left behind. Unknowingly, these women get into a trap and endless predicaments.

Sandra (not her real name) is a victim of this inhumane practice; she has been a commercial sex worker in Moscow for the past three years. Every day, Sandra was forced to be with many men, and it was a difficult thing for her as a young girl. Any attempt to resist was met with punishments and threats. In one instance, some men chose to throw her two stories down instead of stabbing her.

Women like Sandra fell into this trap after being misled. Sandra explains how a pastor from her church convinced her to travel abroad. The so-called pastor told her that he had a vision of her traveling. The pastor added his sister in Russia could get Sandra a job: spiritualism seems to be misleading women. The pastor’s vision was a lure to trick Sandra. Women in this city are naive, and hence, they are being misled.

Fortunately, a certain individual from a non-governmental organization is getting ahead of this problem; Roland Nwoha has taken the initiative of educating women in Benin. He understands that people believe in God, but no one should use faith to entrap people. The NGO is fighting sex slavery and creating awareness among women. The society needs to continue educating and supporting women because they need to be empowered so that they do not become gullible.

The few women who have survived and managed to return are traumatized, and it will probably take them a long time to regain confidence and live a normal life. Sandra stated that many young girls die because of the harrowing experiences and pressures of the work. Others are killed by their clients while some are held captive and unable to escape or enjoy the freedom.


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