Star Wars is Back but Mark Hamill Still Has Regrets


There is almost no end to the gift that keeps on giving. Ever since Disney acquired Star Wars and started pumping out new titles, the famous franchise has increasingly pumped out high-quality work. Now, with fans eagerly awaiting lining up to see ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, Mark Hamill weighs in on how things are going. Hamill was brought back to the Star Wars universe in order to reprise his role as our favorite Jedi, Luke Skywalker. While Hamill has been 100% a team player for the new generation of Star Wars films, he does have his own regrets about how things shook out with George Lucas.

George Lucas is as divisive a name as you can drop to the Star Wars community. He is obviously the most important person in the world when it comes to the franchise, being that he crafted the original classic films, but fans rightfully turned their nose up at Spielberg’s offerings with the prequel trilogy. So, when the news broke that Spielberg would be stepping away from the franchise and handing the reins over, fans were justifiably happy. However, despite this turn of events and the success of the new product, Hamill still wishes that Lucas was involved. Hamill said in an interview, “WHat I wish is that they had been more accepting of his guidance and advice.”

Hamill was largely absent from ‘The Force Awakens’ as he was relegated to a single scene without any dialogue. In ‘The Last Jedi’, Hamill figures to be one of the main players as he becomes a mentor for the new star of the franchise, Rey — played by the delightful Daisey Ridley. While Hamill has been absolutely supportive of the new works he has still been reluctant to give up on what Lucas had penned. Hamill goes on to say, “He had an outline for 7, 8, and 9. And it is vastly different to what they have done.”

Hamill may be relying on nostalgia to inform his opinion being as Lucas helped Hamill become the star he is today. Hamill might also have a point. With Disney in charge there seems to be an almost hectic tilt toward crafting the franchise into as many spin-off opportunities as possible. This is something that has been plaguing Disney’s partnership with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, Disney has not accepted any guidance from Lucas and it is unlikely we’ll ever hear the direction he wanted to take the franchise.


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