Aspiring Entrepreneurs Seek Glen Wakeman as a Model for Success

How Glen Wakeman Helps Entrepreneurs Rise From Failure

Curiosity is a key to Glen Wakeman’s productivity as an entrepreneur. He credits it for helping him solve problems and achieve customer satisfaction, and he uses it to test his ideas with others. After he outlines new plans and identifies the steps that can bring them to life, he likes to defend them with people who do not always agree with him. Curiosity contributes to his approach to bringing new concepts to fruition. He understands that not every idea has merit, but his method finds the ones that do. Concurrently, he continues to practice a core concept that requires him to question his value proposition. He subjects each aspect of a project to a test that confirms its simplicity and clarity as a prerequisite to continuing the thought process. He wants to know if an idea is different and whether it deserves consideration by his clients. As an experienced and practical businessman who knows the way to success, he expects a product to produce a stable value proposition.


His recommendation to seek and join entrepreneurial organizations reminds aspiring business leaders to stay in touch with like-minded people. Lenders who have capital on hand join such groups and anyone who has an interest in the latest concepts in any field can learn from others at their meetings. Wakeman considers the organizations that form in college as valuable sources of outreach that produce useful contacts. Long after he needed the exposure that the gatherings provided, he remains ready to speak about his business at every available opportunity. The strategy helped grow his business, and he recommends it highly.


Sharing the Benefits of Experience

Glen has a passion for helping businesses achieve success, and he applies the methodology that enabled him to reach the peaks of accomplishment in his fields of endeavor. Now successful as an investor, mentor and business owner, he uses his experience to guide companies to favorable outcomes. The key factors that he offers as guidelines to success include leadership and human capital, execution, risk management and delivery of service. In his articles and his blogs, he provides pointers on strategy, management, and administration for entrepreneurs and established companies who want to improve performance. His awareness of international and emerging markets offers a perspective that others find valuable. As a successful entrepreneur, author and investor, he has a level of authority that others can use as a guide to accomplishing goals. His understanding of divestitures provides a platform for explaining the complex processes to others. He uses his experience of more than 20 years in the corporate world to share insights that prove invaluable in practice.

With a string of accomplishments that mark his achievement in crucial areas of commerce, he enjoys sharing the knowledge that his experience has taught him. His career in business covers an expansive range that includes owning a small business and executive experience in the financial services industry. As the CEO of a public company, his service on corporate boards gives him insights that many who have no access to the higher corridors of power want to know. By achieving status as an investor, he rounded out his portfolio in a manner that makes him an essential advisor as an executive mentor. His years in management at his old company in critical roles gave him the recognition as an achiever that he now shares with companies and entrepreneurs who can benefit from his guidance.

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Enjoying an Array of Challenges

The depth of his understanding and first-hand knowledge of the challenges of business create a varied palette of daily activities for the curious and energetic Glen Wakeman. His first duty on a typical day allows him to review the statistics from the previous day’s performance. Armed with the current facts about his business, he may discuss the data with his partner and allocate the duties that involve new designs, sales meetings and accounts payable. The examination of critical matters such as the trends that the partners see among their customer base takes a significant role in a day’s activities.


Now enjoying his position at Nova Four, a business accelerator, he works closely with budding entrepreneurs. The influence that he exerts through his strategic advice helps open access to capital that provides substance to fledgling ideas in a safe environment. As CEO of the startup LaunchPad Holdings LLC, he led the development of ToolKit, a product that offers access to a business planning service. In line with his innovative approach, his product uses digital marketing for customer outreach. LaunchPad provides an array of tips and ideas that come from Glen Wakeman’s expertise in the corporate world (YouTube). As a guide for entrepreneurs, it gives clients an inside look at operations from the viewpoint of capital investors. While he works with clients through LaunchPad, he continues to coach CEOs, and he sustains improvements through meetings with corporate boards.

Looking for New Challenges

Always on the lookout for a new approach that brings technology within reach of entrepreneurs and others, he has developed an interest in machine learning. He sees the concept as one that can resolve a range of business problems. The volume of data that companies generate and their need to understand it can produce benefits from the use of innovative tools. He believes that the technique can plumb massive amounts of data to produce insights that improve the quality of decision making. He elevates his estimate of the value of machine learning as a process that can enable democracy, but he has some concerns about the potential for a loss of privacy that may occur with it.


Understanding the Value of Preparation

As a mentor, Glen Wakeman advises clients to prepare for events through education from many sources. He knows that experiences can broaden the ability to handle anticipated as well as unexpected happenings. Wakeman earned his academic degrees at the University of Scranton and the University of Chicago. His undergraduate studies in economics and finance laid the foundation for his MBA and his career. At his old company, he held positions of responsibility that took him to six countries where he enhanced his education through hands-on leadership experiences. Throughout his career, Wakeman’s curiosity led him to persevere to find solutions to problems. In Europe, Asia and South America, he earned recognition internationally for his leadership in management, business operations, development, and technology. The qualities that led to his success motivates him to share his knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs who can benefit from using his experience in business as a model.


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