Child Has To Walk To School Each Day


Children who are in school are supposed to have the option to ride the bus so that they can get to school on time each day. A mother in Lockport is setting out to get justice for her child. Anetka Sosa has a five-year-old son has to walk from their home to school each day since they live so close to the building. There are no sidewalks along the road for him to walk on, and there isn’t a grassy area where he can walk in case there are cars coming. The road that he has to cross can be very busy at times, putting his life at risk. Anetka has told her story on social media sites. Several parents in the city have come to her defense as well as parents in other states who are facing the same situations.

The district is like many in the country. If children live within a mile of the school, bus services aren’t available. Children have to find their own ways to get to class. Anetka’s home is only a few houses within the one-mile limit. She has seen the bus in front of her home for at least 15 minutes before it sets out on its route for the day. She doesn’t understand why her son can’t go outside to get on the bus when it’s already there.

There are kids in the development who are eligible to get picked up because they are outside of the one-mile radius. However, Anetka’s son has to walk because the distance to the school has been measured at less than a mile from the school. Officials claim that the laws of the state back up the decisions that have been made. However, Anetka isn’t letting that stop her from trying to get her son on a bus as well as other children who have to walk to school as well.


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