DACA Might Not Happen If Realities Don’t Change In Washington In A Hurry


Both major political parties in the United States are having to grapple with the fact that the DACA deal that they had hoped for may not happen. Both sides are eager to figure something out on this so that there would be enough votes to push through a budget deal that can keep the government funded and running.

The government was shut down for about three days just a week or so ago when Democrats held firm on not passing a budget unless there were stipulations about DACA in it. Republicans did not want to do that without tougher border security measures and funding as well. Democrats had largely agreed to that, but the two sides could not come to an agreement before the deadline. When it was all said and done, the parties merely agreed to a three week continuing resolution says CNN.

This is something that pushes the deadline out until February 9th before the government once again runs out of money. However, the two sides seem to be at a standstill in terms of coming up with any kind of solution.

Democrats fear that not having this battle here and now means that the DACA program really will expire as President Donald Trump has threatened to do by a March 5th deadline. They want to have the fight now to save DACA and the young immigrants who came to the United States through no choice of their own (aka when they were very young children).

DACA is a popular program with both Democrats and Republicans, but there is definitely more support for it on the Democratic side. President Trump does not seem to really want to eliminate the program, but he also does not want to leave the issue without serious funding for his so-called border wall with Mexico. Note that this is a different path than he proposed for the wall during the campaign when he suggested that “Mexico would pay for it”.

The White House has released their own plan for how to save DACA and get past this sticky situation. However, while there are a few concessions to Democrats, it is doubtful that this plan could garner enough votes to make it through the US Senate. Given that, it seems like we might be headed for yet another standoff between the two sides that we just have to wait out to see which side ends up blinking first.


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