Dog Found Chained In Below Freezing Weather


The Arctic chill across most of the country has prompted many officials to check on pets left outside and to ensure that they have somewhere warm to go if the owner does not provide a warm environment. Unfortunately, not every animal can be saved, and not every animal has an owner who provides the proper care that it needs. Officers charged a couple with animal cruelty after they found a dog freezing outside. The dog had been outside for several hours before it was found with no sign of a doghouse around.

On New Year’s Eve, a call was made to Steelton officers about a possible case of animal abuse. When the officers arrived at the location, they found a Husky chained outside. It was 13 degrees when the officers found the dog. There was no food or water bowl. The officers could hear the Husky whining and see that it was shaking. Neighbors could also hear the dog as it whined and barked, trying to find some kind of shelter to get out of the cold or a way to get loose from the chain.

Officers located the owners of the dog, one being 25 years old. The two people did not admit to owning the dog. They were taken to the police station where they were questioned about the dog’s well-being and what led to the conditions that the animal was living in at the home. However, the couple did not cooperate with officers and answered few questions about the incident. Both owners were charged with animal cruelty. They were also charged with animal neglect and obstruction of justice because they didn’t cooperate. Other charges include failing to vaccinate the dog and failing to get the dog licensed. A court date has been set for the near future.


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