FEMA and GSH Share Efforts to Help Hurricane Victims


Former FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate’s video (www.FEMA.gov) on fire suppression in the government’s temporary housing revealed his deep compassion for victims of disasters who need a safe place to stay while they put their lives back together. Fugate assumed his duties as the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 2009, and he served in that position during President Obama’s two terms. His experience in managing every disaster recovery after Hurricane Katrina until his retirement in 2017 let him promulgate a “whole community” approach to the management of emergencies, and responsible builders like Green Structure Homes (GSH of Alabama, LLC) contribute to it.


Providing Disaster Victims With Safe and Reliable Shelter


Understanding the necessity to help stabilize a disaster victim’s environment, GSH developed a “fully automated fire suppression system” for disaster relief housing that provides a safe, reliable and secure haven after a disaster strikes. The fire suppression system makes the temporary housing safe and the only normalcy a disaster victim may have in the aftermath of tragedy. GSH, with CEO Barbara Stokes at the helm, designed and engineered the proprietary fire safety technology that it includes in temporary homes built on contract for the Government. She credited Green Structure Homes’ (GSH), hardworking and creative engineering team for designing and testing its “new life-saving equipment” which offers peace of mind to victims of natural disasters.


Fugate emphasized in his video that people who have suffered displacement by fire, flood, hurricane or other acts of God need a safe place while they get used to the tragic circumstances that upset and rearrange their priorities. His years of experience in disaster management in Florida and later at FEMA give him a perspective on the road to recovery. Stokes agrees with Fugate’s concerns. “There is nothing that is more important,” she stated, than doing everything possible to ensure “the safety of families” who reside in GSH-built homes. The GSH implemented sprinkler system for manufactured housing provides disaster victims with safe and reliable shelter while in they are in the recovery process. The CEO takes pride in the GSH team’s contribution to bring an “additional layer of safety” to families who need and deserve confidence in the reliability of their temporary home. The company engineered the advanced technology that is entirely self-sufficient in its North Alabama plant where it becomes standard equipment in all homes that the factory produces.

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With husband and COO Scott Stokes, together the Stokes’ run the Huntsville-based company and coordinate efforts as a Disaster Relief Contractor. The homes that the company manufactures feature state-of-the-art design and engineering to achieve superior results that comply with FEMA specifications. The management team under Stokes’ direction has more than 30 years of combined experience in the manufactured housing industry.


Understanding the Mission of Green Structure Homes


The importance of building homes that feature the latest technology, environmentally friendly materials, and energy efficiency motivates Barbara Stokes. These values and her leadership drive the company to manufacture beautiful and reliable wood frame and steel homes. The state-of-the-art structures incorporate the vision of the forward-thinking management team that provides a minimal imported workforce to erect them, accuracy in budgeting and build times that are faster than most.


Some advantages of the GSH concept include lower maintenance requirements and lower energy costs, both of which contribute to a safe and cost-effective temporary home. The mission of the company is to put the same care into the manufacturing a structure as it does after it reaches its home site. The company has developed a method of fast transport erection that reduces the wait time for occupants who need a safe house as soon as possible. Homes that can withstand hurricane forces wind and resist mold, mildew, and pests provide reliable residences for disaster victims. The customizable dwellings offer options to accommodate families of all sizes. The wood trusses and studs create a durable structure that supports the façade of an executive home. The homes’ roof reflects the sun and allows insulation with R-19 value to maintain a pleasant environment indoors. GSH strives to build houses of the highest quality and ensures the best construction practices in design and production.


Creating a Leadership Model


With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in the challenging fields of Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Mercer University, Barbara Stokes brings a strong work ethic and an extensive knowledge base to GSH. She focused attention on Thermodynamics and Technical Communication courses at Mercer as well, in addition to Structures and Properties of Materials, Circuit Analysis and other complicated areas of study. Her studies in Manufacturing and Management may have best helped prepare her for leadership at GSH. The university has a foundation that has rested on providing a liberal learning environment since its founding in 1833. Guiding tenets such as a belief in giving students professional knowledge that encourages intellectual discovery provided the learning environment that may have inspired Stokes’ achievements. The university’s principles of service to humanitarian causes are evident in the quality homes that GSH, under her leadership, builds for disaster victims.

Stokes’ knowledge of business gained strength by working at Pisces Company and Boeing before joining GSH. Her leadership in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry reflects her understanding of government contracting and her support of FEMA’s missions. A contract award by FEMA to build homes for Hurricane Harvey victims for more than $28 million continues the efforts of GSH to provide relief for homeless residents of Texas. Stokes expressed her pride in leading a company that offers the best quality of construction for occupants.

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