Is Bitcoin Going Down? And Other News This Week


There was a lot going on in the world of bitcoin and technology this past week. There are a few that could potentially affect your business. If you missed them, below are some of the top business happenings from the past week to catch you up.

Bitcoin News

This past week, bitcoin was jolted because of regulation worries. Because of this, the bitcoin value dropped down by eleven-percent through the extended sell-off. Bitcoin currency is now below the $10,000 mark. This is already less than half of what it was at during its peak. Investors are becoming worried that regulators are going to clamp down on this already volatile cryptocurrency. This is important to know for businesses because digital currencies are the future, especially if you run a smaller business and cannot afford the high fees associated with accepting debit and credit card transactions from your customer base.

2018 CES In Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show which was held in Las Vegas was a good turn out. It featured a lot of trending services and products that can have a huge impact on smaller businesses around the country. Some of the top featured items included convertible laptops and tablets with better functionality and AI software for tech solutions and smarter processes. Many of these items can be worth looking into if you own a business.

Almost 40 Millions Americans Own Smart Speakers That Are Voice Activated

New research has found that almost one out of every six people in the United States has a smart speaker that is voice activated. The research has reported that it is possible that this amount of owners is going to eventually outpace the use of regular smartphones and tablets. For businesses, voice-activated smart speakers can allow workers to perform a variety of tasks such as to make calls, change the room temperature and alert customers using simple voice commands.

Easier Ordering From Restaurants Online

Alex Canter is the founder of Ordermark. It is a company which provides ordering management online for his own family restaurant and others. The service streams all orders made online to a single device in a particular restaurant’s kitchen. This can help a business optimize their ability to accept online orders and increase their sales revenue. It can be implemented into a business quickly and easily with little hassle in integration. It is also great because there are no set-up costs required to get it started.


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