Lipoprotein (a) Increases the Risk of Getting a Heart Attack


For the past years, many Americans have come to know Bob Harper as the ultimate fitness trainer in a show that is known as The Biggest Loser that was aired on the television every week. They have known him a real picture of health. While practicing at a New York City gym on February 2017, Mr. Harper suffered a heart attack and went into a cardiac arrest. Bystanders came to his rescue and administered CPR. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he spent at least two days in a coma. On waking up, Mr. Harper, as well as his doctors, were puzzled. An annual checkup that he had taken indicated that he was in perfect shape. It was discovered that he had fatty particles in his blood that is known as lipoprotein (a).

While doing checkups on their patients, most doctors test for lipoproteins such as HDL and LDL cholesterol. Only a few test for lp(a) which increases the risk of an individual having a heart attack or even stroke by three times. Many people are not worried by lp(a) since it is produced in little bits. Genetics determines its level. According to statistics, one out of five Americans has a very high level of lp (a) in their blood. Doing a lot of exercises or even dieting does not have any impact on it. Drugs that are designed to lower cholesterol only moderate it. According to Dr. Henry N. Ginsberg, a professor of medicine at Columbia University, there is the need for coming up with a program aimed at educating doctors and Americans at large, regardless of how expensive the project would be.

According to Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones, men below the age of 50 and women below 60 years of age experiencing an early onset of cardiovascular diseases should consider testing for lp(a). A test should also be conducted in case a family member suffers a heart attack. After his heart attack, Mr. Harper began creating awareness about the heart disease and encouraging people to get tested for lp(a). He has come to believe that being healthy is a culmination of managing stress, getting enough sleep as well as eating a balanced diet. In his new book, The Super Carb Diet, Mr. Harper encourages people to enjoy life. He insists that being healthy is not what one does in the gym but what you do on the inside.


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