Powerful Earthquake Impacts Peru


A 7.1 magnitude earthquake has impacted Peru, killing one person and causing significant damage to homes and businesses. The earthquake was located off the western coast of Peru. This is an area that has seen quite a bit of activity. At least 65 people have been injured, and there could be more people missing after families begin reporting whether family members are at home and safe or not. Rescue teams have been dispatched across Peru to try to help as many people as possible.

The teams have also been instructed by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to determine just how much damage has been done and to make a report back to him so that the proper actions can take place to help those who have been impacted. There are several roads blocked, which is preventing any kind of aid from reaching those who need it most. The earthquake has impacted a rural area, making it difficult for rescue teams to get to those who are injured. There are a few tectonic plates in the area, so earthquakes are not uncommon. However, one of this magnitude is not often seen.

The one fatality occurred because of rocks falling on top of a man. Many of the adobe houses are in ruins. There are landslides everywhere. Numerous homes are without power. Rescue teams are trying to work with other sources to get water and necessities to people who are in their homes and have no way to get the essentials that they need. Humanitarian organizations are setting up shelters for those who are in need and are setting up tents for workers. Images of pallets with blankets and bottled water are circulating, indicating that efforts are now underway to help the people of Peru before another possible earthquake occurs in the future.


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