The Poor Required to Work to get Medicaid


According to public health research that has been carried out, there is an interconnection between income and health. The richer one is, their health is almost guaranteed and so is their lifespan. The probability of the poor people getting sick and dying at a young age is high. With this data, money can be handed out to the poor in society, with the aim of bettering their health. Instead, many states try to help the poor better their health by giving them health insurance. President Donald Trump’s administration has thought of making some changes on the main program that is responsible for offering health care to the less privileged in the society. The program is known as Medicaid. The government no longer wants to dish out Medicaid to poor Americans. It has begun calling upon states to encourage adults that do not have children and those with no disability to work or so that they can get Medicaid.

The government is hopeful that the need for work will move many of the Medicaid beneficiaries into the workforce besides driving them out of abject poverty. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services published a document that showed the connection between higher earnings and a long lifespan. It is not, however, clear the amount of income that can transform a person’s health being. In any case, some exhibitions go against this argument. The vice president of Liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, LaDonna Pavetti says that in most instances, having a medical cover helps people get jobs.

Some researchers suggest that if the income of an individual is boosted, their health will improve. Having the Medicaid beneficiaries working is not a guarantee that they will increase their income or get a job. Some may end up being disqualified from the jobs they opt to do. Others may end up being kicked off the insurance programs for not meeting the set requirements. According to the government’s proposition, Medicaid benefits for people who do not exhibit that they have completed their work or have young children will be cut off. According to Robert Rector, the goal of having people work to get Medicaid is not intended to reduce poverty but is instead to ensure that those who benefit from public programs contribute to them. He says that by working, Medicaid beneficiaries will improve their autonomy. He referred to the idea as moral.


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