The Bachelor Contestant Kendall Long, Academy of Art University Alum, Has Much to Offer


After five episodes in Season 22 of ABC’s The Bachelor, contestant Kendall Long still has much to offer. The 26-year-old Academy of Art University alum has so far displayed a playful confidence and a refreshing absence of drama onscreen, which is more than can be said for a few other contestants. With her athletic prowess, television-oriented career, and firm self-confidence, Kendall seems to be biding her time and taking opportunities to stand out as they arise. So far, her strategy has gained her a few notable moments with Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr. as well as a coveted rose.

A Formidable Contestant

Kendall has always displayed a formidable persona as a driving athlete and independent spirit. A track and field standout in both high school and while attending Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she retains a quite adventurous spirit, judging from some items on her bucket list: scuba diving by a shipwreck, hanging out with pigs in the Bahamas, and heading to a hedgehog cafe in Japan.

Her hobbies have garnered her quite a bit of attention, especially playing the ukulele and her love of taxidermy. Many of her creations can be seen on her Instagram profile. On the show, Kendall has displayed a great sense of humor, a relaxed relationship with the other contestants, and even superior conflict resolution skills. Her maturity shined while calmly speaking her mind to drama-queen Krystal. She was able to relay her own feelings genuinely and compassionately without drama or contention.

In her interactions with Bachelor Arie, she is fun and mature, very confident and ready to meet any challenge. No doubt they will have plenty to talk about during more lengthy conversations, with her unique hobbies and experiences. Since Kendall displays a bit of the daredevil, this will likely resonate with Arie’s racecar driving background and thirst for adrenaline-laced adventure.

Experience in Reality Television

Perhaps Kendall is not enamored by all the hoopla because of her background and behind-the-scenes work in reality television. Before receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2014 from AAU’s School of Communications and Media Technologies, focusing on multimedia communications, emphasizing on-camera talent and producing, Kendall worked as a production assistant, videographer, photographer, and film correspondent in the entertainment industry.

Aside from an appearance with her sister Kylie on Fear Factor where they had to navigate an elevated electrical grid in pursuit of metallic flags, she has worked to design and craft sets on MTV’s Ridiculousness, Escape the Living Dead, TLC’s Dare to Wear, and Food Network’s Mystery Diners. She is the current creative director for the Beverly Hills-based company WhoHaha, which works with funny women and budding comedians both before and behind the camera. Kendall’s responsibilities there include fabricating props, designing sets for various shows, purchasing necessary materials and props, and providing ongoing direction to the art department.

Another professional credit that has reality television circles buzzing features her contributions to the set decor, furnishings, and other on-set art choices for the 10-year anniversary special of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kendall and her sister Kylie have more than a few things in common with the younger but famously popular Kardashian twins, including their reality TV experiences. Some speculate that Kendall’s appearance on The Bachelor is a step on the road to the Long sisters becoming new twin stars in their own vein.

Kendall’s Notable Moments and Future Chances on The Bachelor

Aside from both funny and serious interactions with the other contestants, Kendall has scored some notable moments with Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

  • She is frequently chosen for the ‘inner circle’ on group dates.
  • At the cocktail party during week 3, Kendall reveals that she would “totally” eat human flesh if she ever had the opportunity to visit a cannibal tribe.
  • After displaying her athletic prowess on the hike during week 4, Kendall eats worms and shared a kiss with Arie after he ate some, too.
  • Although ending up on the losing bowling team during week 5, Kendall and company are still invited to the after party where she scores a little makeout time with Bachelor Arie and ends up receiving a rose.

Heading into week 6, Kendall is certainly holding her own against the remaining contestants, and the rose from week 5 will certainly give her a boost going into whatever challenges lie ahead. If she maintains her mature and fun-loving persona and avoids the jealously and drama of other stand-out contestants, she stands a real chance to woo and win Arie in the end. As of yet, Kendall and Arie have not spend any real quality time together, but that should be coming soon as he narrows down his choices and winnows out the less-deserving or undesirables.

Considering her work, experiences, strong connection to family, and positive outlook on life, we consider AAU graduate and television set designer Kendall Long to be a front-runner in the race to win Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr.’s heart, as well as the final rose and a diamond ring. While anything can happen, smart money is on Kendall to be among the finalists.

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