Due To A Memo A Brigadier General Leaves The NSC


According to a recent report after a 5G telecom memo was leaked, a General is leaving the Security Council. This Brigadier General is from the United States Air Force, and came back to the military branch. The report stated there were advocates for the government taking control of the nations development of the 5G mobile telecom network. The author of the memo in question was Brigadier General Robert Spalding of the United States Air Force. The news organization known as Axios used this memo as the focus for one of their stories. According to a report by the Washington Post, this story both irritated the White House and irked the telecom industry.

According to the Washington Post, the last day Brigadier General Robert Spalding served with the National Security Council was January 31st. This information was cited as coming from one of the senior officials of the Trump administration. The report additionally stated Brigadier General Robert Spalding was not implicated regarding the leak, but the decision of the officials was he exceeded his role at the National Security Council when he backed the potential 5G network takeover by the government. For additional information regarding this incident, please visit http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/02/04/general-leaves-national-security-council-after-leak-5g-telecom-memo-report.html.

According to the report, prior to the PowerPoint proposal and memo of Brigadier General Robert Spalding being leaked, he was informed he would be leaving the National Security Council. The report added that during the last few weeks, the General had pushed far too hard in favor of the takeover idea. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that some of the officials in the White House saw the 5G next-generation wireless service as one of the key areas regarding competition. They believe China poses a potential threat, and that this justified the governments “moonshot” efforts behind the development of the network.

Once the story had appeared in Axios, as the Chairman for the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai made a statement to the New York Times. He said he was opposed to the concept of a 5G network being built by the government. He feels US Telecom, the industry group, would most likely have their technological development slowed by the involvement of the government. According to the Washington Post, there are currently no plans by the National Security Council to replace Brigadier General Robert Spalding. When the newspaper requested a comment, the General declined to make a statement.


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